“The Dialectic of the Stars: Wrong Ped Xing” at LACE

For the second event on February 15th, The Dialectic of the Stars, organized by Fabien Danesi, continued into the heart of Hollywood at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.

With stars at our feet and above our heads, Wrong Ped Xing first beckoned to the passers-by of Hollywood Boulevard with a video by Nøne Futbol Club.Nicolas Momein’s mobile sculptures became part of the famed boulevard’s dynamic life…another unexpected moment of beauty amongst the city’s chaos. We listened to Los Angeles with You are Listening to… online radio. 

More spectacle and illusion with Arash Nassiri’s beautiful film Tehran-Geles…in which Los Angeles plays not itself but the city of Tehran. 

Geneva Skeen entranced the crowd with a performance true to her influences of écriture féminine, alchemical metaphors, and a mix of musical traditions ranging from holy mysticism to industrial. 

The evening was closed out by Fouad Bouchoucha’s motorcycle concert…an intense sensory experience that won’t be quickly forgotten.