Vincent Lamouroux

Vincent Lamouroux’s practice is inextricably bound to the experiential. Engaging the viewer with immersive interruptions of time and space, his works are often minimal and modernist in their visual sophistication, and yet poetic and vulnerable in their appeal to narrative and metaphor. He has created staircases that lead to nowhere, sculptural installations out of air, seismic geometries and undulating floors, all of which force a transition into new physical and sensory realities. By physically disrupting time and space, Lamouroux’s installations create an entirely new realm of sensitization, altering the terms of the known and pushing imaginative impossibilities into the dimension of the real. Site-specific installations by Lamouroux have been presented internationally, and exhibitions of his works include Lost (in LA), Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery At Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, USA (2013), Mock-Up, Art-O-rama, La Friche La Belle De Mai, Marseille, France (2012), Geert Goiris – Vincent Lamouroux, De Bijloke Centre d’art contemporain, Ghent, Belgium (2010), Archipels réinventés, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France (2009), Tokyo Redux/ Château de l’île de Vassivière, Palais du Tokyo, île de Vassivière, France (2007), Acceleration, Kunstart, Neuchâtel, Switzerland (2007), The Re-conquest of Space, Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark (2007) and Scape, MAMCO, Geneva, Switzerland (2005), among others.