Sara Favriau

Sara Favriau delves into ancient and current practices. Using a palimpsest, a manuscript on which the writing superimposed on previously erased text, she blends classical and contemporary techniques. Her research is a poetic reflection on historic mechanisms. She gathers materials, often industrial, and transforms their original functions, setting them free from traditional paths, giving them a simpler form. From this synthesis, the possibility of a story is born. 

The installation presented in the exhibition was inspired by Sara Favriau’s residency with FLAX in 2018. Reflecting on imported wood essences in California and how they impacted the ecosystem of Los Angeles, she explores the vital force of tree trunks and branches through sculptural work, while also revealing their vulnerability. The very center of the trunks appears like subtle layers of wood, a technique she developed to produce both small and monumental sculptures. 

Sara Favriau (b. 1983, France) graduated from Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2007. In 2014, she was awarded the best installation prize at YIA#4 Art Fair in Paris and won the Palais de Tokyo “Discovery Prize." In 2016, she had a solo exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris.  In 2017, she presented a solo show at Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire (FR), Independent Brussels and was a resident at CNEAI. In 2018, she attended the first Bangkok Biennale Beyond Bliss as a guest of honor. Favriau’s work is found in public collections such as FMAC (Paris civic collection), FDAC Essonne, and MAC VAL.

Sara Favriau is represented by Galerie Florent Maubert, Paris.