Rafaela Lopez

Rafaela Lopez graduated from Villa Arson in Nice in 2013 and from the Royal School of Art in London in 2015. She recently presented her work and performances at DOC, Paris; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Art-O-Rama, La Friche de la Belle de Mai, Marseille; Flat Deux, London. “The artistic practice of Rafaela Lopez (Paris, 1988) shifts between sculpture, video and collaborative projects. The ease with which she approaches these activities is the same which enables a process of humanization, which leads her to treat sculptures – the central figures of videos, actions, collaborative projects or personal objects – as if they were real characters. The sculptures have a social life : they take part in a swimming pool competition with professional synchronized swimmers (Sculpture Synchronisée, 2014), they animate an archaeological museum (Les dieux des thermes, 2013), they are the special guests of a festive barbecue (Trivial BBQ, 2014, they talk about themselves (Etat d'âme, State of the Mind, 2015) or can be mute and stand out as objects in their own right, as they are sufficiently attractive to be an object of desire that everybody aspires to own. Bijoux de famille (pierre non-roulante) (2013) is a fake papier mâché stone, made with a huge number of bits and bobs belonging to the members of a family, as the summa of their affections. For Lopez, it is no longer just the handcrafted objects of traditional cultures, but also mundane items from daily life and mass consumption that have become the real objects of affection, with the potential to achieve the status of a precious sculpture, despite their poor-quality workmanship.(…)” Veronica Valentini Website