Philippe Mayaux

, born in 1961, is a painter whose style defies any categories or classification. Obsessed with natural catastrophes and what is at plays at the core of myths, his vast body of work is both dystrophic and mesmerizing, sublime and bizarre. While direct and almost raw, Mayaux’s graphic painting and sculptures reach a metaphysical dimension which reveals a unique vision of the world. “Philippe Mayaux is like a free-fall parachutist, capable of the craziest pirouettes. Now this peerless stuntman indulges himself by landing systematically on his front, in a deliberately grotesque posture, copiously splashing the surroundings of the pool. « Painter of placebos for domestic use, sculptor of electric logs, poet of the ‘fire which burns in a plasterboard hearth’, technician of the endless screw, originator of ‘l’avancée du Désert’, Philippe Mayaux is a magnificent traitor. He makes us touch the sublime in order the better to break the toys which fascinate us. He flatters. He penetrates. And he starts again. » Marc-Olivier Wahler, curator of Lost (in LA). “Mayaux’s twenty-five years of painting have influenced a new generation of French artists. His attentive brushstrokes and intricate sculptures create an intimate translation of needs and contemporary desires. Always grotesque but never vulgar, his works repulse us just enough so that we gaze at present-day society as if it were an ancient culture. Simultaneously, they titillate and beguile us so that we never look away.“ Ellen LeBlond Shrader, Flash Art International Born in Roubaix, France, Mayaux Lives and works in Montreuil, Blazy has had solo exhibitions, among others, Galerie Météo, New York (1997), MAMCO, Genève (2002), Cuckoo. Laurent Delaye Gallery, Londres (2006). In 2006 Mayaux got awarded the Prix Marcel Duchamp and exhibited A Mort l’Infini. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris in 2006. Winner Prix Marcel Duchamp 2006