Nine Herbs Charm (Eric Kim, Hannah Mjølsnes, Saewon Oh)

Nine Herbs Charm is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary artist collective founded in 2016 consisting of core members Hannah Mjølsnes, Eric Kim, and Saewon Oh. Their work generates interactions between humans, their environments, and the plant world using tea ceremony, performance and installation as social practice and community building. Nine Herbs Charm is derived from a poem by the same name, which was first transcribed in Old English around the year 1000 and was likely passed on through oral traditions for generations prior. It speaks both to and about nine specific plants and their healing properties, revealing an age-old symbiotic relationship between people and the plant world.

Most of the nine plants are common weeds that grow all over the world, both crossing international boundaries and adapting into region specific varieties. Likewise, the collective is also constantly adapting to site-specific conditions, creating inter-connected leylines between communities and international cities. Collaboration is the foundational core of their process and with every project they work with local artists to create scenarios wherein participants co-collaborate on transient shared experiences.

In collaboration with David Horvitz, Nine Herbs Charm will conduct a tea ceremony at LACE that stems from their research on the plumeria plant. This ceremony will prepare participants for a meditative walk by attuning them to the consciousness of plumeria and other local plants. This walk will bring the plumeria plant from LACE in Hollywood to the FLAX house in Highland Park where it will be planted in the ground.