Lola Gonzàlez

In an equally spontaneous and controlled way, Lola Gonzàlez places collaboration at the center of her creation process, nourishing her work with emotions felt during group led interventions. Her apparently simple videos and performances reveal themselves to be engaged in a deep thinking on the reality of what we see, or think that we see. Her work also reflects the complicity between the artist, and a group. This group can be her friends, members of her family or strangers she met a few weeks before, who improvise as actors for a moment. They find themselves on stage (Qui boira de ce vin-là, boira le sang des copains, 2014, Centre Pompidou), in the middle of a crowd for a performance (Octobre bleu, 2015, Le plateau Frac Ile-de- France) or on screen. The participants often play music or sing in a very peculiar and often impenetrable language. She is currently working on the language of the body, creating a link with dance. Her collaboration with Oguri will feed this research. Lola Gonzàlez graduated from the Lyon School of Fine Arts in 2012. Since then, she has shown her works at Centre Pompidou (Hors-Pistes Festival), at Salon de Montrouge, at Treize, at La Galerie/ Noisy-le- sec art center, at Palais de Tokyo, at Le Magasin, Grenoble and at IAC Villeurbanne during the Lyon Biennale. She presented performances at Palais de Tokyo and Le Plateau, Fond Régional d'Art Contemporain. After her first solo show at Galerie Marcelle Alix in 2016, she presents a solo exhibition at Credac, Ivry France in January 2017. She is currently a resident at Pavillon, residency program of Palais de Tokyo, Paris.