Julie Fortier

“Since beginning making video and performance, my work has marked the passage of time through and highlighted the processes of erasure and absence The research, I undertake shows the experience of loss (loss of time, loss of energy, unproductivity, loops, erasure, etc.) and the gaps in which such states can be manifest (white screen, empty space, memory loss). I explore different ways of constructing images through simple forms in performance, video, photography, sculpture and installation. Since 2013, I have enlarged my working repertoire through experimentation with fragrances, scents and aromas that take the form of perfumes, smells, installations and drawings as well as culinary and olfactory performances. The mnemonic and affective power of odors changes the ways in which memory is put into play in the representations and stories I compose. The evanescent and elusive character of the scent is related to loss and erasure that I explored in my preceding works in video, photo and installation. Obliged to inhale, the spectator is obliged to react and respond. It captivates me that this paradoxical absence is present but invisible, yet intimately pervades. What engages me is how the perceptions of a given space can be ruptured by its representations, making a break between present experience and how its is pictured. Scents are for me the optimal material to further pursue how images are constructed in terms of memory and storytelling.” Julie C. Fortier was born in 1973 in Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada) and has lived in Rennes since 2001. Graduated in 2015 from the Le Cinquième Sens perfume school in Paris, she also holds a master’s degree from the Visual and media arts school from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her performance work was recently presented at Maison Rouge in Paris, at the Beaufort Festival in Oostende and at ThinkThinkThink in Nantes. She made solo exhibitions at the Micro-Onde art center in VélizyVillacoublay in January 2018 and at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rennes in September 2017. He was also exhibited during the Toronto Nuit Blanche ( 2016), Lille 3000 at the Tripostal (2015), Vertiges at the Micro-Wave Art Center in Vélizy-Villacoublay (2014) and Art by Telephone at the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York (2012). Website