Jasmin Blasco

Jasmin Blasco is a multi-disciplinary artist who approaches time-based media as the site where sound, image, and language conspire to generate fictions. Through a process of research and abstraction, his practice stages the individual in problematic narratives. Blasco holds a BFA in Music Technology from the California Institute of the Arts. He is a graduate of the Media Design Practices program at Art Center College of Design(MFA). His current research project examines the project of space exploration in its symbolic and cultural dimensions. The resulting works are composed of fictional journal entries authored by a theoretical entity: The First Human Born In Space. With Andrew Friend and Sitraka Rakotoniaina, he is currently developing Very Very Far Away. Based on a workshop series of the same name, VVFA is a Podcast documenting fictional encounters with the new denizens of space colonization. With the collaborative research platform The NOISE INDEX, Blasco explores the topicality of informational hunger within a framework that runs counter to expected display strategies.The works Convergence and Horizon have been exhibited in Paris and New York at Cutlog, through Fragmental Museum. He also hosts Speak My Language a monthly show of curated music on the internet radio collective Dublab. Blasco is a mentee in the 2017 Touch Mentorship Programme. Website