Brognon-Rollin Brognon-Rollin work with raw, often marginal social material where the recurrent themes are confinement, expectation, and control. They confront these restrictive systems with their own systems of refracting reality. Curious and intrepid, the two artists go wherever their research takes them, working in the field and in direct, occasionally physical, confrontation with their subjects. Their work is in such public collections as The Israel Museum  (Jerusalem, Israel); MAC’S (Le Grand-Hornu, Belgium); Collection MUDAM (Luxembourg); FRAC Alsace, Poitou-Charentes, Lorraine, France; Centre National d’Arts Plastiques (Paris, France). They are winners of the Pirelli Art Prize at Art Brussels (2013) and finalists for the Prix Fondation Entreprise Ricard (2015) in Paris. David Brognon, born in Messancy, Belgium, and Stéphanie Rollin, born in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, live and work in Paris, France.