David Brognon, born in Messancy (Belgium) in 1978 and Stéphanie Rollin, born in Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) in 1980, live and work in Paris. Winners of the Best Solo Show at Art Brussels 2013 and 2015 finalists of the Prix Fondation Entreprise Ricard in Paris, Brognon-Rollin work with raw, often marginal social material where the recurrent themes are confinement, expectation and control. They confront these restrictive systems with their own systems of refracting reality - minimalist prisms capable of emitting dazzling and fleeting rain- bows. In Fate will Tear us Apart (2011), fate lines from the palms of hard drug users cast a neon glow on the walls. The clock 8m2 Loneliness (2013) charts the interrupted time of a prisoner in his cell, while The Most Beautiful Attempt (2012) encapsulates hope through the innocence of perpetual motion. In Cosmographia (Gorée Island) (2015), they have created a work both mad and monumental that physi- cally archives the contradictory reality of the island, combining concepts of prison and escape: over 6 days, the island’s 2,4 km outline was traced onto paper centimetre-by-centimetre, dispatched by post, sorted and placed under seal in a stainless shelving unit. In their recent video works, they explore the margins of territories and boundaries - geographical, po- litical, moral and psychological - that humans, at times brutally, have appropriated and defend or (un) consciously ignore. Curious and intrepid, the two artists go wherever their research takes them, work- ing in the field and in direct - occasionally physical - confrontation with their subjects. Risk-taking is integral to their approach, and the terrains on which they venture can prove extremely fruitful. Their works are part of various public collections, including: The Israel Museum - Jerusalem, Israel / MAC’S - Grand-Hornu, Belgium / Collection MUDAM, Luxembourg / FRAC (Alsace, Poitou-Charentes, Lorraine), France / CNAP, Paris, France. Website