FLAX Project

What Shall We Do Next?

This project was developed by Julien Prévieux while in residence with FLAX.

Julien Prévieux is the recipient of the 2014 prestigious Prix Marcel Duchamp for the performance What Shall We Do Next? produced by FLAX.

What Shall We Do Next? is a performance with six dancers composed by artist Julien Prévieux, as a result of his residency at Fahrenheit, and in collaboration with choreographer Rebecca Bruno and musician Robert Barber. The performance originated from an ensemble of hand gestures that have been patented by several technology companies. When a new device is being invented and tested, a patent is registered in regards to its functions; but also to the gestures describing its use. Prévieux has been collecting these patents and specific gestures for over ten years. The patents that are being published currently can potentially be considered as instructions for future devices that will be used. Every new tool requires particular movements in order to be activated according to their patented descriptions that are available online. This performance conveys a reflection upon the evolution of recent technical gestures. To quote speculative fiction novelist William Gibson: “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” The reappropriation of these future movements together with the dancers invents a new context for their application and highlights that the future is among us, we just need to redistribute it.

Associate Choreographer: Rebecca Bruno
Performers: Kestrel Leah, Jos McKain, Samantha Mohr, Emmie Nagata, Andrew Pearson, Anna Martine Whitehead
Live score and performance: Robert Barber/ the Urxed