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LOU DOILLON (Verve Records/Universal)

You may already know here as an actress or a model, or maybe from her famous parents. But all fame swept aside, Doillon recently emerged in a new form under another art: music. With her soothing voice spinning cautious melodies over songs, Doillon comes from a place of both fear and anger. Nearing thirty, she fits comfortably with some of the great singer-songwriters, from Carly to Cat Power. On June 18th, she released her first album (Verve Records/Universal Music Group), PLACES. It’s an album crafted from an introspective mind, turning autobiographical narratives into sprawling stories of love, violence and power. One single, “Devil Or Angel” is particularly haunting. Quiet electric guitars and a snare keep the beat, freeing Doillon’s voice up for flowing overtones. The song turns an argument into an all out battle, guns instead of angry words, Doillon as the enemy. Listen to this single but you’ll definitely want to hear the full album, it’s full of new sounds and surprises that show just how multi-talented Doillon truly is.

CHATEAU MARMONT (Chambre404/Arista)

Chateau Marmont is a familiar name. But apart from a legendary hotel in Los Angeles, it is also an equally essential, appealing Paris band who, since the mid-2000s, have been building a reputation with their concise productions on the late Institubes label (Solar Apex in 2008, Nibiru in 2010) and precise, thoroughbred remixes (Royksopp, Midnight Juggernauts and, more recently, Eugene McGuinness), as well as their joint projects and tributes (the Jacno Future album, for instance).

Having set out at their own pace to break through worldwide – with a major American tour in 2011 (coupled with appearances at the prestige SXSW and CMJ events) and invitations to play at avant-garde festivals from Iceland Airwaves to Eurosonic – the trio formed by Guillaume De Maria, Julien Galner and Raphaël Vialla have now released their very first album, as surprising as it has been eagerly awaited. Titled The Maze, it was planned and recorded in the band’s Paris studio (an experimental laboratory for their own label, Chambre 404, also home to Exotica, Glass Figure and Stella Le Page). Tracks tend to follow random sequences on today’s albums, but The Maze takes a different approach, telling a story and developing its own perspectives. Opening with a futuristic groove that maps out the record’s major lines, The Maze continues with a much poppier number – Wargames (pre-released with a video in 2012) – which instantly reveals all the scope the group have developed throughout this sophisticated album.


Also a member of Mini Mansions (a side project for one of the Queens of the Stone Age), Mister Goodnite draws his inspiration from his important collection of vinyl records: from 70’s glam pop to hip hop, Motown to trashy Garage singles… He presents us here with his first creation « You’re Too Cool », a delectable UFO « lo-Fi psyche-pop-soul» track.

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