FLAX Project

The Forgotten Memory Guide IV/IX

With films by Marco Bruzzone (The Count, 2008), Marie von Heyl (Interlude, 2013), Benjamin Orlow (Bog Bodies – Golem Edit, 2013), Hannah Perry (Kicking My Game, 2012), Heather Phillipson (A Is to D What E Is to H, 2011), Stefan Sulzer (White Silence, 2011) and Benjamin Valenza (Danza, 2011)

Certain associations of image and sound have the capacity to awaken a feeling of “deja-vu”. Found footage, organized in a given order, leads to unexpected juxtapositions, resulting in a sense of familiarity. Constructed narratives, led by unknown characters, often produce nostalgia or drama. In the realm of fiction, such feelings can be felt without a firsthand experience. We, image producers and consumers, have been building a global souvenir that seems to be able to free itself from any specific context to be recognized or trigger emotions. The world is represented by means of collective memory, swamped by an overwhelming matrix of ocular recurrences. While exploring different subject matters, the films presented in this selection gather coinciding rhythms, resembling characters and seem ready to be blended, reinterpreted, and incorporated in a never-ending loop of shared memories. This screening is part of an ongoing series started in November 2013, originally commissioned on the occasion of the exhibition Time to Recollect at Kunsthalle Münster, Germany.