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“The Dialectic of the Stars”

“As a European, I was inspired by L.A., which is… an attracting, contradictory, hallucinatory and mysterious place—both political and poetic.” Fabien Danesi

FLAX is pleased to present The Dialectic of the Stars, a visual art and performance festival curated by Fabien Danesi, FLAX Curator-in-Residence 2017 and featuring works by 19 emerging and established French and American artists and collectives.

Taking place over two weeks from February 11th through 25th—when the nights are long and the lights brighter—the series will draw a constellation of five iconic venues, like points of a star, including The Sowden House on February 11, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) on February 15, Ford Theatres on February 18, L.A. Dance Project (LADP) on February 24 and Zebulon on February 25. The public is invited to drift all over the city to attend events at these popular arts destinations, each blending their programming with Fabien’s vision to ignite dialogue about L.A. as an important cultural hub. A mobile artwork by Nicolas Momein will be presented at each venue.

The Dialectic of the Stars is supported, in part, by the Gallery Ceysson & Bénétière; the Cultural Services at the French Embassy, Los Angeles Office; and FLAX Creative Circle: The Skylark Foundation, Katharina and Thierry Leduc, John-Mark Horton and Olga Garay English.

Generous in-kind support is provided by SHED with special thanks to Yvan Lucas.

Fort Point Beer Co is the Official Beer of The Dialectic of the Stars.


All events are free and open to all. Due to limited seating, some events will be on registration only.

The Dialectic of the Stars: Launching
The Sowden House // 5121 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90027
Sunday 11 February at 6pm
Due to the limited seating, this event is on registration only. 
Performed lecture by Fabien Danesi and video artwork by Ange Leccia

This event is fully booked. For press inquiry, please contact Beth Brett, [email protected], 310.850.2701.

Stars are not just produced by the Dream Factory. Nevertheless cinema still continues to condition our look and to influence strongly our mental and sensible representations.
Ange Leccia’s video Star Dusts acts as a call from the street while Fabien Danesi proposes an introduc-tion to this journey using the technique of détournement with images extracted from movies set in Los Angeles and others documents related to the American West Coast Culture set in the extraordinary herit-age building.

Wrong Ped Xing
LACE // 6522 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90028
Thursday 15 February at 7pm
With Nøne Futbol Club and You are Listening to Los Angeles
7.30pm: Screening of Teherangeles by Arash Nassiri
7.50pm: Performance by Geneva Skeen
8.30pm: Motorcycles concert by Fouad Bouchoucha

Tires on fire, police frequency radio, motorcycle accelerating, drone point of view on Downtown—all these elements could draw a kind of dystopian world, not so different from our reality. But they constitute at the same time an hypnotic wavelength, a sensible vibration, which permit to explore one characteristic of Los Angeles: the flux—mechanical and electronic—which passes through the polymorphic city and connects all of its multiple centers.

Drag me crazy
Ford Theatres // 2580 Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90068
Sunday 18 February from 2pm – 8pm
2pm – 8pm: Installations and performance throughout the Ford Theatres by Scoli Acosta, The Lucky Dragons, Hoël Duret, Robert Karimi, Rafaela Lopez, Emily Mast, Alison O’Daniel and Assaf Shaham. No reservations required.
4pm – 6pm: Performances in the amphitheater by Emily Mast, the Lucky Dragons and Rafaela Lopez. No reservations required.
6pm – 8pm: food, drinks and games by Robert Karimi. Due to limited seating, reservations are required. This part of the event is fully booked.

Important note: No street parking available on Cahuenga Blvd. Rideshare highly recommended. On-site parking fee $10.

Built in 1931 just after a fire, which destroyed the original amphitheatre, the Ford Theatres represents architecture of the Golden Age of Los Angeles. But no nostalgia is authorized. The reference to the Gates of Jerusalem affirms cosmopolitism and majesty, with some confidence into the future, but at the same time a certain kind of sham. And it seems pertinent to play with this false pretense. The Ford will be lightened by the air and full of invisible forces. In a meditative perspective, we could say that to breathe is to think on condition, to not forget air resistance, that is to say the force acting opposite to the relative motion of any object moving, what we call in fluid dynamics: drag.

L.A. Dance Project // 2245 East Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90021
Saturday 24 February at 7pm
Screening of The Pit (Dancer with Golden Lips) by Naotaka Hiro followed by Movement on Movement, a performance by Noé Soulier

Due to limited seating, this event is first come first served.

After technique and air, mechanical flux and respiration, the fourth event will be dedicated to the body. Objectified and analyzed or organic and internal, the anatomy is a thing which is never independent of the representations that we have of it. Culturally constructed, the body can be a form in movement and a dense material sensible. It’s an instrument which escapes paradoxically to a strict use. In an area (The Pa-cific Region) which constitutes 29 percent of all Botox consumption – according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery – to question plastically the body gives the opportunity maybe to reactivate an old no-tion: alienation.

Surfing Countdown
Zebulon // 2478 Fletcher Drive, Los Angeles CA 90039
Sunday 25 February from 6pm
6pm: the Never Ensemble featuring Jasmin Blasco and Adam Garcia
7pm: Screening of Animal Glisse by Bertrand Dezoteux
7.30pm: Katie Gately
9.30pm: Jasmin Blasco
11.30pm: playlist of the stars by Fabien Danesi

Even if we know with Giorgio Agamben that “what we perceive as the darkness of the heavens is the light that, though traveling toward us, cannot reach us, since the galaxies from which the light originates move away from us at a velocity greater than the speed of light”, we will try to approach the concrete stars for the last station of our trip. But this space travel won’t just be a lyrical apotheosis which will prove our faith into the future but a way to underline a kind of anachronism. And the drift will bring us back to the ocean through an image, a condensed of the unknown and a cliché…

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