FLAX Grant

Showcase Trilogy & Papotages
by Dance Company Etant-Donné

Founded in 1990 by two classically trained dancers, Frédérike Unger and Jérôme Ferron, Étant-Donné blends elements of independent film, Dadaism, literary ideas and humor.  The company creates a magical universe that spills beyond traditional staging to impromptu shows that occur on streets, in a seaside bathing hut and even in an empty supermarket.

In its first-ever U.S. appearance, the company will perform the award winning “Papotages,” winner of the 2005 Mimos prize, and “Showcase Trilogy,” a highlight of the acclaimed 2008 Festival d’Avignon.

“Papotages,” loosely translated as “chit-chat,” interprets the human body as a symphony of movement and conversation.  The dance reveals our body to be a treasury of expression, always chit-chatting in its own unique way, telling stories and betraying who we are by how we move.  Whether by speaking with our hands or using our feet to connect and disengage, the panoply of bodily gestures is portrayed musically and with humor.  Choreographed as a duet and featuring the music of Yann Thiersen, “Papotages” unfolds as an exquisite sequence of bodies in conversation.

“Showcase Trilogy” brings to life stories of beauty, the passage of time and the idea of emptiness.  Using the music of Igor Stravinsky, Maurice Ravel and Piotr Tchaikovsky, “Showcase Trilogy” is a dance in three parts.  The first, “Beauté plastique” (Formal Beauty), draws on projections, music and movement to create a sense of beauty in white space.  The second, “Laps” (Time Lapse) is a male dance solo about confronting time in a half-real, half-absurd environment.  The third, “Let’s Dance,” is an exuberant and amusing finale that brings us back to the possibility of community through music and dance.

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Press coverage was garnered in LA Weekly, Bonjour LA, French Culture, Acoustic Americana,