FLAX Project

Sensation 1 by Ligia Lewis

Fahrenheit by FLAX was delighted to present a dance performance choreographed by Ligia Lewis at this year’s edition of Paramount Ranch.

Choreographer and dancer Ligia Lewis (b. 1983 in the Dominican Republic and raised in the U.S., lives and works in Berlin, Germany) presented a newly produced dance work entitled Sensation 1. An ecstatic state in malleable form, a sounding body rendered mute, Sensation 1 brings the connotative gestures of song into a choreographic score interpreted by three dancers. Conjuring the chorus, Ligia Lewis invites these gestures as an investigation of slow-time, slowed down time, slow it down time, down time. Between representation and mimesis, the fictive body of the icon is transformed into a sculptural choreography of temporal feeling.

“Deeply elegant and subtly orchestrated piece” – Art Agenda

Dancers: Jos McKain, Christopher Argodale, Ligia Lewis.
Music: WYNN


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February 2016 – ART AGENDA – Ligia Lewis at Paramount Ranch