FLAX Project

Sara Favriau

Favriau’s time in Los Angeles will be one of both research and production on a new project that engages with the urban landscape of Los Angeles and its relation to architecture. Sara Favriau will be working on an site specific public installation that will then be transformed to be included in a group show featuring French and international artists.

Los Angeles, known as the evergreen city, was “ imparadised” by the American settlers who brought exotic species including the legendary palm and eucalyptus trees, creating the luxuriant garden that we know. The nature became part of the identity of the city and is in constant conversation with its architecture. In that context, French sculptor Sara Favriau creates an installation that shifts from architecture to nature to sculpture with poetical gestures. Sculpting tree trunks allows her to expose their vital force while revealing their vulnerability. The very center of the trunks appears like subtle layers of wood, a technique she developed to produce both small and monumental sculptures. The verticality of the sculpted trees echoes with the buildings around, revealing the architectural aspect of nature in Los Angeles.

Responding to the nature of Los Angeles, the trees she will sculpt are all recycled from various neighbourhoods around Grand Park. She offers a new life to these trees that would have ended up chipped or in a landfill, reusing what would otherwise be considered ‘waste.’ This sculpted forest will be installed in a thick layer of vegetation created in collaboration with local landscape designers and gardeners.

This project becomes the starting point of many discussions about trees in Los Angeles, the devastating effects of drought and the transformation of urban and natural landscape of the city.

Sara Favriau’s residency is supported, in part, by the FLAX Creative Circle including The Skylark Foundation, Arthur W. Forney, Olga Garay English, John-Mark Horton, and Katharina and Thierry Leduc.