FLAX Project

Rafaela Lopez

Rafaela Lopez is invited by FLAX to produce an original artwork for the first exhibition of FLAX @ Tin Flats, The Angel’s Share and to collaborate with Los Angeles-based performer and artist Rebecca Bruno for a duo show in October. Her film Etat d’âme, State of the Mind, 2015 will also be screened in the Drive-In Theater along with the French documentary Microcosmos.

Rafaela Lopez was trained as a sculptor and her practice shifts from sculpture to performance and video. She gives life to the objects, making them characters of stories that she writes or situations she creates. They take part in a swimming pool competition with professional synchronized swimmers (Sculpture Synchronisée, 2014), they animate an archaeological museum (Les dieux des thermes, 2013), they are the special guests of a festive barbecue (Trivial BBQ, 2014), they confess their inner feelings (Etat d’âme, State of the Mind, 2015). Always aware of the relation between these objects and their use in our society, she transforms them into messengers, carrying a higher meaning.

Her collaboration with Rebecca Bruno will allow them to think back and forth between the objects and the body for a two week exhibition/performance.