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Opening Sunday, April 26, 2015, 3pm – 6pm

Los Angeles, CA – Please Do Not Enter announced today that French artist Vincent Lamouroux will transform Silver Lake’s deserted and derelict Sunset Pacific Motel, also known as the “Bates Motel” into a temporary and ephemeral art installation that will radically punctuate the cityscape for two weeks. An unprecedented public art project for the city of Los Angeles, Projection will be a temporal intervention into an iconic piece of LA’s architectural history and urban lore. Lamouroux will cover the entirety of the building, including its flanking palm trees and billboard, with an opaque white limewash, effectively arresting the structure in a three-dimensional state of simultaneous disappearance, purification and ossification. The large bleached white structure will create a stark visual contrast set against the clear blue Los Angeles sky.

The notorious and famously reprobate “Bates Motel”, whose pseudonym is loaded with references to Hollywood, filmmaking, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, has stood vacant for decades and is ultimately set for demolition. This, and Los Angeles’ state of perpetual cultural revitalization and adaptive change inspired Lamouroux’s timely reinterpretation of the site. Transforming the materiality of the space by petrifying it literally, Lamouroux will visually calcify the structure, inviting an interpretive experience with an impossible point of physical entry. Ultimately, the art- ist will make a ghost of the motel, drawing attention to the vulnerable uncertainty of its much-contested future. The ecologically safe materials cloaking the building will eventually erode and dissipate in real time as the appearance of the site changes throughout the course of the installation’s finite life span. Just as the Silver Lake neighborhood itself has transformed radically in recent years, and continues to evolve, so too will the artist’s iteration of the motel embody a transformation, surrendering and passage; the white surface of its facade will be a symbolic invitation to project our ideas about both its mythic past and its indeterminate future.

“Los Angeles has become a center for contemporary art and culture, and Silver Lake, home to a growing and active creative community is an important part of that transformation,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “The work by Vincent Lamouroux at the Sunset Pacific Motel property is a timely and symbolic gesture to our rich artistic and cultural landscape.”

Nicolas Libert, visionary co-proprietor of Downtown LA’s retail destination for curated culture, Please Do Not Enter, says of the project they have facilitated: “Lamouroux’s Projection immediately touched us. It interrogates the American dream and the mythical qualities of Los Angeles while at the same time revealing the city’s undeniable appeal and potential. Lamouroux’s celebration of this mythic and storied architecture is the greatest and most beautiful gift we could offer the city of Los Angeles and its vibrant, international art scene. Projection represents Please Do Not Enter’s desire and purpose to open an active, cross-cultural, artistic dialogue.”

Vincent Lamouroux’s practice is inextricably bound to the experiential. Engaging the viewer with immersive interruptions of time and space, his works are often minimal and modernist in their visual sophistication, and yet poetic and vulnerable in their appeal to narrative and metaphor. He has created staircases that lead to nowhere, sculptural installations out of air, seismic geometries and undulating floors, all of which force a transition into new physical and sensory realities. By physically disrupting time and space, Lamouroux’s installations create an entirely new realm of sensitization, altering the terms of the known and pushing imaginative impossibili- ties into the dimension of the real. Site-specific installations by Lamouroux have been presented internationally, and exhibitions of his works include Lost (in LA), Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery At Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, USA (2013), Mock-Up, Art-O-rama, La Friche La Belle De Mai, Marseille, France (2012), Geert Goiris – Vincent Lamouroux, De Bijloke Centre d’art contemporain, Ghent, Belgium (2010), Archipels réinventés, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France (2009), Tokyo Redux/ Château de l’île de Vassivière, Palais du Tokyo, île de Vassivière, France (2007), Acceleration, Kunstart, Neuchâtel, Switzerland (2007), The Re-conquest of Space, Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark (2007) and Scape, MAMCO, Geneva, Switzerland (2005), among others.

Conceived by the artist over a decade ago, and after more than a year of planning, Projection begins its highly anticipated lifespan on April 20th when installation begins. The installation process and completed work will be carefully documented, and will be the subject of several arts education programs in collaboration with Thomas Starr King Middle School, the Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center and the Lycée International de Los Angeles.

Opening events on April 26th are organized with support from Mack Sennett Studios, the Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council.

To view the project in real time, visit Projection LA here.

Download press release here.

“Projection is a site-specific intervention on the Sunset Pacific Motel property in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. It consists of covering the entire building – as well as the billboard and palm trees that surround it – with an ecological safe white limewash.

On Sunset Boulevard and Bates Avenue, a transitioning facade, an abandoned motel as a commonplace, archetype of the constant mobility of contemporary society. A white coat now adorns the architecture. The limewash thoroughly covers the building and the adjacent billboard, as well as the palm trees that surround it. The urban space is disrupted. An abandoned space is transfigured and enhanced, perhaps eluding its last glory. The motel’s intriguing aspect is 
 accommodating an imaginary drive away from our habitual quest for sameness.

Projection induces both an appearance and a disappearance; it revisits our existing landscape with new eyes and envisions the building’s surfaces as screens for the projection of our desires.

Essentially the motel – an incarnation of impermanence and passage – remains closed. The lime wash adornment thus re-imagines the building as an architectural model transposed in an urban environment. Impenetrable, it preserves the indetermination that nourishes our curiosity and imagination.

Projection calls for an economy of means, brings revelation to a site suddenly fixed in time, in- forming a spatial-temporal transformation.


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