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Mehdi Meklat

In conjunction with the exhibition “We Dance, We Smoke, We Kiss”, Fahrenheit by FLAX director Martha Kirszenbaum and exhibition curator Myriam Ben Salah are pleased to welcome Mehdi Meklat writer and co-founder of French publication Téléramadan.

Téléramadan is a French cultural publication founded in 2016 by Mouloud Achour, Mehdi Meklat, and Badroudine Saïd Abdallah, taking the month of Ramadan—observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting—as a starting point to speak about Islam in a new, unapologetic way. The publication reacts in a sharp way to the ambient rhetorical imprecision surrounding topics of immigration and Muslim culture.

The conversation, moderated by Kirszenbaum, will tackle issues of frustration and social exclusion, as well as radical beauty and poetry.

Click here to watch in full the conversation.


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October 2016 – TERREMOTO – In conversation with Myriam Ben Salah