FLAX Invite

Matthieu Barbin

Artist and performer, Matthieu Barbin has worked with or is currently collaborating with Boris Charmatz, Ryan&Kelly, Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard, Marlène Saldana,  Jonathan Drillet, among many others. In Los Angeles, he will be working on his project fin de carrière (end of career).
fin de carrière (end of career) is a project whose goal is to anticipate somewhat the end of my political and social body. 
By collecting interviews, videos, sounds of American citizens, I’ll try to stretch to the maximum the plasticity of the body which is not mine, but which I make mine for a certain time, in order to discover its transformative potential. The goal is to absorb different bodies, incorporating as much as I can of their physicality and statements. It will all depend on time, the time of the body, of the non-body, of practice – and letting go of that practice, the social participative body, the disappearing body, the active and the museum’ body, the healthy and the invalid body.”