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6:43 PM

Mathieu Briand invites audiences to interact with his work through the creation of opportunities for action. He has exhibited at Centre Pompidou, the Istanbul Biennale and at La Maison Rouge in Paris and is currently developing his own artist residency program on a small island off the coast of Madagascar.

Created for GLOW, his installation 6:43 PM: salutes the power of the sun, whose descent below the horizon at 6:43 gives the artwork its title. A chamber of mystery from a past or (to) future time invites visitors in , while above the wring of fire signals earth’s primal essence.

Glow is a one-night museum, a re-imagination of Santa Monica Beach as a series of inviting and provocative art works. While regular museums and galleries sleep, Glow comes alive to engage artists and their audiences in the production and experience of new works, specially commissioned for this unusual set of time and space coordinates. Glow offers a rare and remarkable opportunity for the public to connect with contemporary art in new ways and to rediscover familiar spaces through the eyes of artists.

Glow includes an extraordinary array of thought-provoking site-specific installations and performance works by artists from Los Angeles and around the world. The art is in unexpected contexts and relationships, using both built and natural environments, on and near the beach, Southern California’s quintessential public space. Glow is produced by the Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division and the Santa Monica Arts Foundation and is made possible with the generous support of donors and partners

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