FLAX Grant

Marie-Caroline Hominal

  • In partnership with Chalet Society
  • Jan 29 - 31, 2015
  • Del Vaz Projects, Los Angeles
Chalet Society presents

Le Triomphe de la Renommée (2013)
Concept, text & performance by
Marie-Caroline Hominal

Duration: 15 min.

Le Triomphe de la Renommée is one of a collection of six poems by Italian poet Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374), titled I Trionfi, describing the phases of life by opposing virtues in duels: “Fame” wins over “Death” but is defeated by “Time” and “Eternity.” In a small room within a domestic environment, evoking the intimate space of a backstage of a Theatre, the artist Marie-Caroline Hominal welcomes one guest at a time, playing with the codes of theatrical artifice in a phantasmagorical, intense and intimate one-to-one encounter.

Thursday, January 29 from 12pm-6pm
Friday, January 30 from 3pm-10pm
Saturday, January 31 from 3pm-10pm

Del Vaz is an exhibition space and residency project run out of an apartment located in Little Osaka, Los Angeles. Staying true to the domestic nature of the space, del vaz provides an informal and alternative setting with the intent of encouraging conversation and dialogue. The name derives from the Farsi phrase dast-o-del vaz, meaning open-handed and open-hearted. Similarly, the space is open to artists, curators and directors alike to participate in the programming.