FLAX Project

Hookers on Davie

Presented by Jesse McKee

Followed by an after-party at the Ace Hotel Downtown LA

Hookers on Davie (1984) is a feature-length cult documentary by Janis Cole and Holly Dale, filmed in Vancouver’s West End at a time when the neighborhood was a beacon for the city’s sex workers. The film is a crucial document of the street life that marked this community prior to the city’s hosting of World Expo in 1986. Presented by independent Vancouver-based curator Jesse McKee, in response to the context of Fahrenheit’s current exhibition of video works by Michel Auder and Józef Robakowski, Hookers on Davie uses similarly open approaches in framing the use of public spaces, brining the viewer into the world of the women, men, transvestites and transsexuals who worked along Davie Street.