FLAX Project

Have You Seen Pantopon Rose?

The Choir: Jimmy K. Latimer, Tanya Mironowski, Suzanne Schmidt
The Blue Head: Benjamin Ferrachat
Pantopon Rose: Julie Béna
Set design: Julie Béna and Benjamin Ferrachat

Have you seen Pantopon Rose? is a four year-long performative project that has previously been staged in London (2011) and Montreal (2012). It conveys performance, theater, music, stage design, sculpture, installation and writing. The narration is verbally conducted by a choir composed of three Los Angeles-based actors and activated by Pantopon Rose, a character taken from William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch, who masters the time and gives rhythm to the performance. She never talks, but sings and manipulates objects. The third iteration of the performance has been written in and for Los Angeles, and reflects a night drive throughout the city. Referring to German filmmaker’s Ulrike Ottinger’s 1979 feature length film Ticket of No Return, in which she weaves an eccentric and highly stylized portrait of Berlin’s bars and nightlife, Have you seen Pantopon Rose? throws us into a disturbing and colorful Los Angeles, where we encounter drinkers, strippers, dancers and singers.