FLAX Invite

Gerard & Kelly: State of

Gerard & Kelly will reside at the FLAX house on the occasion of their performance State of, which  will be taking place on February 15 at MOCA during Frieze Los Angeles.

Using The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA as a space to open up questions around national symbols and entangled identities through the language of pole dancing, artists and choreographers Gerard & Kelly will present State of (2019) as part of Frieze Los Angeles week. A collaboration with Forty Smooth, an innovator of pole dancing in the New York City subways, and dancer/vocalist Quenton Stuckey, the performance floats the question of American identity through various citations and transformations of the U.S. flag and the national anthem. Working together since 2003, Gerard & Kelly create installations and performances encompassing influences in minimalist dance, institutional critique, and queer theory.

A second performance of State of by Gerard & Kelly will take place at 3pm, following the first 11:30am presentation.