Lecture, Performance
FLAX Project

Feeling the World from my Uterus

Making Room for Imagining Alternative Representations

As an introduction to her residency at Fahrenheit, curator and writer Dorothée Dupuis presents a lecture-performance that plays with the lines of investigation informing her curatorial and writing practice, in connection to Feminist theory as well as various references in visual, cultural and Postcolonial studies. Dupuis delivers a constructed digression that explores the ways current representations can frame postures of feminine power inside and outside the art realm – from Hillary Clinton to Post-Internet female curators. She also questions how female artists, from early XXth Century sculptors to contemporary figures like Lynda Benglis, Elke Krystufek and more recently Ida Ekblad, succeeded or failed in building conformist or deviant female artists personas. Referring to a wide range of contemporary thinkers, such as Slavoj Žižek, Gayatri Spivak and Sandra Harding, Dupuis discusses the extent to which gender politics affect our relationships to technology, creativity, and leadership. Could Freud have been wrong when he attributed female reluctancy to create as a consequence of her lack of phallus? This discussion is also an occasion to present Dupuis’ past projects, as well as to introduce her current and future research.