FLAX Project

Etienne de France

Invited by FLAX in May and June 2017, Etienne de France will be working on a video project called Looking for the Perfect Landscape. This project, a 40-minute video, is made in consultation with the Autry Museum of the American West. It will be launched on the East of Borneo website’s in November 2017, along with a screening series of films by Native artists and filmmakers from the United States and beyond, at several locations in Los Angeles including the Ford Theater. His video will also be screened in Paris, France in 2018.

Hullen, a young location scout working for a movie production company is sent to the eastern part of the Mohave Desert in California to look for set locations for a film that depicts the first historical encounters between Mohave people and Spanish explorers. While meeting people, visiting locations and archeological sites, and learning about Mohave culture, Hullen discovers the current conflicts occurring on these tribal lands.

Grounding his work in Mohave culture, this project will be a collaboration inviting elders, cultural practitioners, artists, activists, environmentalists, and archeologists. The video project, its storyline, and its development will evolve based on encounters and meetings between Etienne de France and the diverse participants he involves.