Conversation, Screening
FLAX Project

Etienne de France, “Looking for the perfect Landscape”

Invited by France Los Angeles Exchange (FLAX) in May and June 2017, Etienne de France developed a video project called Looking for the Perfect Landscape. This project made in consultation with the Autry Museum of the American West, will premiered at the Echo Park Film Center on November 5, followed by a Q&A with FLAX Program Director and Curator Anna Milone.

A version of the film is also being created specifically for the online magazine¬†East of Borneo. Etienne de France is the first artist to create an artwork for this platform. Etienne de France’s video will also be screened in Paris, France in 2018.

Jamahke, young Mohave artist works for the Colorado River Indian Tribe Museum in Parker, Arizona. Skate lover and creative person, he carries and perpetuates an important heritage by learning and practicing traditional Bird Songs, which constitute spiritual maps and journeys through Mohave ancestral lands. One day, Jamahke is hired by a film production company to scout for landscape and locations for a period feature film, taking place in Mohave aboriginal territory.

Etienne de France, "Looking for the perfect landscape", TEASER