FLAX Grant

by Arcosm Company

Echoa is like nothing you’ve ever seen, or heard before. Coming across like a bizarre fusion of Stomp and the Three Stooges, the French company Arcosm’s performance art piece is visually and aurally astounding. The physicality of the cast, musical performance as varied as drumming, beat boxing and rhythmic breathing, coupled with experimentation with light and shadow, all combined with a dance performance makes Echoa an unforeseen experience which can be seen with ears!

Drums of all descriptions are cleverly organized on scaffolding so that seven distinctly different dance scenes can unfold below. With incredible exuberance, the movement and rhythm become flawlessly intertwined as the artists explore the questions: How does a percussionist dance? How does the body of a dancer sound?

Disarticulated, fiery, daring, serious and funny, the Company’s performances are a reflection of our lives, chaotic, revolted or euphoric, but always of the utmost sensitivity.

About the Company

The Arcosm Company was created in 2001 and is co-directed by Thomas Guerry, dancer and choregrapher, and Camille Rocailleux, percussionist, pianist and composer. It tries to build bridges and passageways between different artistic disciplines and languages.

The Company’s first creation, ECHOA, created in 2001 for two dancers and two musicians, was performed more than 500 times in France and also in Brazil, Japan, UK, Poland… Since the demand for ECHOA remained constant at the same time as the two creators embarked onto a second project, LISA, it was decided that the first creation be handed over to a younger generation of artists who emerged from the same institutions where Guerry and Rocailleux had studied – the Conservatoires supérieurs de Musique et de Danse of Lyon and Paris.

About the Theater

The 215-seat Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz opened in June 2000 and is the only theater in Los Angeles to dedicate a significant part of its programming to French language and culture.  A non-profit arts institution, Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz is the site for performances by international artists year round, and is a place of expression for students and teachers at Lycée Français de Los Angeles.

Press release available for download here.