FLAX Project

Brognon Rollin

David Brognon, born in Messancy (Belgium) in 1978 and Stéphanie Rollin, born in Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) in 1980, live and work in Paris.

Winners of the Best Solo Show at Art Brussels 2013 and 2015 finalists of the Prix Fondation Entreprise Ricard in Paris, Brognon-Rollin work with raw, often marginal social material where the recurrent themes are confinement, expectation and control. They confront these restrictive systems with their own systems of refracting reality – minimalist prisms capable of emitting dazzling and fleeting rainbows.

In Los Angeles, they will be presenting a project developed in partnership with the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles (ICA LA). This initial research period will be spent working to develop the projects which will be presented in March of 2019.

Brognon Rollin will also be presenting their film Stone Clock, Sailing Time, 2016 with Gus Van Sant’s, Gerry, 2002 at Drive-in Theater as part of FLAX @ Tin Flats.