FLAX Project


Brognon-Rollin: Follow Your Own Path
March 8, 5-7pm
HOLA, 2619 Wilshire Blvd.

David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin, aka Brognon-Rollin, come back to Los Angeles after their initial month-long residency with France Los Angeles Exchange (FLAX) in October 2018.

They are preparing a site-specific installation for Metropolitan Continuation High School in Downtown Los Angeles and an installation that will be presented at Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles (ICA LA) from March 17 until May 5, 2019.

Their stay in Los Angeles is also the opportunity to show the result of a workshop conducted with Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA). A performance titled Follow Your Own Path will take place on March 8 on the occasion of the students’ opening at HOLA.

They continue a previous work HERE BE DRAGONS/HIC SUNT DRACONES, 2017 with imitation of a medieval practice of putting dragons in uncharted areas of maps as reference to dangerous or unexplored territories, in. This project springs from a humanistic reflection by the students who thought about slogans they wanted to share with the city, a “détournementof typical merchandising techniques and an interest in the figure of the sign spinner, with a focus on these incredible skills rather than commercial mission.

The title of the performance Follow Your Own Path comes from one of the arrows designed by the students. The students’ slogans are printed on several arrows that will be spun at the corner of Rampart and Wilshire, calling to better individual commitment towards the community.

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Special thanks to Aarow Sign Spinners