FLAX Grant

Autarcie (…)
by Compagnie Par Terre

Breakdance world champion Anne Nguyen created Compagnie par Terre in 2005 and has brought the art of hip-hop and dance battle from the street to the stage. Throwing abstracted choreography into collision with geometry, architecture, and human experience, she celebrates hip-hop dancers’ technical and expressive prowess.  Autarcie (….) is a game of strategy where, for 50 minutes, the four dancers Sonia BelHadj Brahim, Magali Duclos, Linda Hayford and Valentine Nagata-Ramos engage in a frantic ritual, alternating between forward-facing dance moves and free digression. They transform their respective dance specialties of breakdance, popping and waacking into an abstract vocabulary, establishing their powerful individualities on stage and thrusting themselves into the space in pursuit of territory, alliances and hierarchy. The front of the stage is the rallying point where the dancers come together and devise a warrior dance directed at the audience. The inner workings of this restless “tribe” with all the power struggles that ensue and the search for possible points of harmony, thus unfold on stage, to the pulsating, unbridled rhythms of the percussive organic beat.

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