FLAX Project

Aurélie Godard

  • Jul 17 - Aug 28, 2018

FLAX invites Aurélie Godard for an initial residency focused on research and writing in preparation of the Art by Translation exhibition at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in early 2019.

Aurélie Godard’s practice is rooted in architecture and the potential of collective energies, which is enriched by her experience as a professor in an architecture school. Her sculptures and installations are the result of a formal vocabulary nourished by observations of architectures that examine particular histories. Current research examines the question of free-time, and the forms that this singular space-time can generate. Examples of this in vernacular Californian architecture will be the focus of her first residency. Building on Godard’s ongoing research and inspired by the Fluxus artist and poet Alison Knowles, Godard will study the vernacular architecture in California using a system of chance based on on the House of Dust during her one-month initial residency. Knowles’s House of Dust poem, and its later translation into architecture, was based on a poem generated by a random sequence of a material, site or situation, light source, and category inhabitant. Godard will follow this system to explore Los Angeles and the surrounding regions.

The FLAX Projects are supported in part by the FLAX Creative Circle including The Skylark Foundation, Arthur W. Forney, Olga Garay English, John-Mark Horton, and Katharina and Thierry Leduc.