FLAX Invite

Arash Nassiri

  • Aug 2 - Sep 30, 2017

During his residency with FLAX Invites, Arash Nassiri – Institut Francais Hors les Murs 2017 Laureate – worked on his book Los Angeles Times, which presents a geological reconfiguration of the archives of the eponymous newspaper. Through a series of collages, the photographical archives reappear as minerals. The linear chronology of the city’s story is exploded; distant events take place at the same time; a store looting is blended with a 4th of July parade; the 1994 earthquake with the discovery of prehistorical fossils. This artist’s book is being co-created with Anne-Line Desrousseaux, who produced a series of images based on cuttings from the paper addressing the idea of time. The slogan “is Tuesday the newFriday?” is echoed by an advertisement about the beginning of the new millennium and by an advertising campaign for whiskey from the 1950’s.