FLAX Project

“Act so there is no use of a center”: (De)centering contemporary art in the digital age

Panel Discussion followed by an after-party at Ace Hotel in Downtown LA

Fahrenheit, in co-production with Les Ateliers des Arques, is delighted to present “Act so there is no use of a Center”: De(centering) Contemporary Art in the Digital Age, a panel discussion organized by curator Dorothée Dupuis, Fahrenheit’s writer-in-residence over the summer of 2014.

Last spring Dupuis was invited to curate the yearly residency session of Les Ateliers des Arques, a 25-year old program located in a tiny rural village in the south west of France. She developed her project around the format of the start-up company in order to metaphorically articulate the way productive relationships between centers and peripheries are affected by the digital revolution, in regards to artistic production. The project resulted in an exhibition in the village and was documented through a tumblr blog and social media, which generated interactions within a broad community of global users. The blog has been converted into an online magazine, releasing weekly commissioned essays by various writers, curators and thinkers related to the problematics that arose from the project. Recent contributors have included Alex Scrimgeour, Paul S. Sánchez, Jamie Sterns, Andrianna Campbell and Adam Kleinman.

In the framework of her residency at Fahrenheit, Dupuis presents a panel discussing the issues that have come from her project at Les Arques. Drawing from Gertrude Stein’s quote “Act so there is no use of a center” referred to by Alex Scrimgeour in his essay for the Start-Up’s tumblr, the panel aims to examine how the internet and social media have disrupted our perceptions of distance and proximity, challenging positions of power between centers and peripheries. On this panel four speakers, all equally involved in the art-world, yet coming from divergent backgrounds and acting in often drastically opposite directions, will discuss the way that these recent changes continue to affect their current positions and strategies. This will be an occasion to share experiences, discuss notions of ethics and responsibility, openly talk about the influence of the market on current artistic production and art institutions, and possibly imagine new tools and perspectives for the future.

Image caption: Débora Delmar Corp., A Female Touch, 2014. Installation view at Les Ateliers des Arques. Courtesy of the artist.