FLAX PROJECTS Are Large-Scale Art Projects Initiated, Created, and Produced in Collaboration with French and Southern California Partner Organizations

FLAX engages in innovative dialogues between France- and Los Angeles-based artists from all disciplines, as well as critics, curators and institutions from both countries through a mobile, cooperative, and interdisciplinary approach.

These collaborative initiatives are the core of FLAX Projects’ curatorial practices, which considers artworks not only as a representation, but also as a common space to engender discussion with the public. The projects provide extensive visibility of the contemporary art scene to a wide and diversified audience, while questioning the artistic and political responsibility shared by the institution, the artist, and the public.

The FLAX Projects are supported, in part, by the FLAX Creative Circle including The Skylark Foundation, Katharina and Thierry Leduc, John-Mark Horton, Olga Garay -English, and Arthur Forney.

The FLAX Projects are supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts

Past Projects