Arash Nassiri’s teaser for “Wrong Ped Xing” part of “The Dialectic of the Stars”

Arash Nassiri, Tehran-Geles, 2014. Excerpt.

As part of FLAX’s compelling series The Dialectic of the Stars which invites the public to drift all over the city to attend events, LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) presents Wrong Ped Xing on February 15 from 7 to 9pm.

Tires on fire, police frequency radio, motorcycle accelerating, drone point of view on Downtown—all these elements could outline a kind of dystopian world, not so different from our reality. Artist duo Nøne Futbol Club will showcase an hypnotic video piece seen from Hollywood Boulevard while the public will be welcomed by the online radio You are listening to Los Angeles. At 7:30pm, Tehran-Geles, a contemplative movie by Arash Nassiri will be screened followed by an enticing performance by Geneva Skeen. At 8:30pm, the evening will culminate in a trailblazing motorcycle concert by Fouad Bouchoucha, in which the artist transforms motorcycles into musical instruments. French sculptor Nicolas Momein will unveil a new presentation of a mobile artwork made of several magnetic sculptures presented on a cargo van, evolving at each venue, acting as the totem of the project and the link between all the events.

LACE’s Wrong Ped Xing will be an integral part of the art series The Dialectic of the Stars,  at The Sowden House on February 11, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) on February 15, Ford Theatres on February 18, L.A. Dance Project (LADP) on February 24 and Zebulon on February 25. Installations and performances can be seen as allegories of coordinates, guiding the audience in the vastness of our globalized culture, like sailors once did at sea.

LACE (6522 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles)
With Nøne Futbol Club and You are Listening to Los Angeles
7.30pm: Screening of Teherangeles by Arash Nassiri
7.50pm: Performance by Geneva Skeen
8.30pm: Motorcycles concert by Fouad Bouchoucha